Patients who choose Edinburgh Podiatry and Reflexology are many and varied. For everyone, there is a personal guarantee for the best of treatment and care from Lindsey Semple. Please read on for a few testimonials from a selection of patients.

"Lindsey has been instrumental in my recovery from surgery and injury - her podiatric insoles, chiropody and reflexology have all made an incredible difference. More than anything though, she is such a lovely person and I look forward to my appointments knowing that I'll come out pain-free and smiling! Thank you Lindsey for your professionalism, patience and care." (Gill) 

"We have been patients of Lindsey's for the past seven years and the old adage that it is like walking on air after you have been at the Chiropodist is certainly true in her case. Lindsey is a very competent and extremely dedicated professional Podiatrist who carries out her work in a very meticulous, caring and structured way. Being a good listener, she takes cognizance of any concerns you may have about your feet. Lindsey has a warm, pleasant and helpful disposition coupled with a good sense of humour for whom nothing is too much trouble and we have no hesitation in recommending her." (Gary & Sheena)

"Lindsey has been looking after our feet for the past few years. She has completely overcome our podiatry problems and we are now on a monthly maintenance schedule. We look forward to Lindsey's visits, not only for the ongoing preventative care and foot comfort, but also because she is completely reliable and her company is always thoroughly enjoyable." (David & Jane) 

"Lindsey has been attending to my feet, which are anything but straightforward, for several years and I have found her to be capable, caring and very innovative in searching for and finding solutions to my many problems and painful feet. I look forward to and enjoy her visits." (Pam) 

"I first met Lindsey in 2012 when I attended her Edinburgh clinic for Podiatry and Reflexology. Immediately I was struck by the competence and professionalism of this lady, who could not only do Podiatry and Reflexology, but made me feel relaxed and confident in the manner in which she executed her duties. Since then, I have visited Lindsey at regular intervals. I had attended various other Podiatrists previously and, due to her expertise and professionalism, Lindsey has proved to be above the calibre of any other Podiatrist I have ever met." (Margaret)

"Podiatry and Reflexology treatments from Lindsey are very relaxing and gentle - I always leave feeling really good!!" (Liz) 

"I was referred to Lindsey by my Medical Centre and have been so pleased that my foot problem has been resolved. Lindsey's vast knowledge and experience in Podiatry provided me with exactly the right care and treatment. Her kind and caring manner is wonderful and I look forward to my regular visits, knowing that she will always make sure I put my 'best feet forward!'" (Diana)

"Lindsey's chiropody service at The Seagrove Centre came about from a questionnaire sent out by us to all members and their carers. There were a lot of requests for a chiropody service and so I looked around to try and arrange this. Suffice to say, this was not easy, however Lindsey came along and she was flexible in her approach, willing to give it a try and nice with it - and that as they say is history (about 4 years now). The members enjoy having their feet done and Lindsey is able to treat any foot problem at the start, before they get to the crippling stage. I can also testify that she prescribed and made insoles for me and they are working a treat. The only downside of this success is that the members are now asking for in house hearing, eyesight and dental treatment as well!" (Janette, Manager of The Seagrove Centre, North Edinburgh Dementia Centre)

Comments from members and staff at Seagrove:

  • "I feel totally refreshed, free from pain." (Lesley)
  • "The service is great, it's good to have my corn removed, my feet feel so good." (Jane)
  • "She works wonders, I really appreciate being able to attend the centre and see the Chiropodist at the same time." (Robert) 
  • "I love being pampered! I do have tickly feet but like them being massaged, it's worth it - my feet feel so soft and smooth for days." (Susan)

"Sore foot fixed in one session - what more can I say - other than I'll be back." (C.M.)

"Thanks Lindsey! The last time I was here I could not walk up the second flight of steps back to the carpark - I had to walk up the winding path. Today I've walked up both flights of steps. A total transformation (since wearing the orthoses you prescribed for me). I recently visited my brother in his garret flat. I managed to walk up and down his horrendously steep and sheer stairs with no knee pain whatsoever. He's lived there for four years and this was a first. I was delighted. Thankyou Lindsey, from the bottom of my heart!" (C.M.)

"Right from the start Lindsey was very thorough and caring, it was quite obvious that her number one motivation was to help solve my issues and ease my pain. She gave me great advice, spelled out all the options and the orthotics she tailor made for me have made a huge difference to my knee pain in just a matter of a couple of weeks. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lindsey to anyone who is suffering with foot and lower limb issues." (L.C.)

"I have been most impressed with all aspects of my treatment. Lindsey has shown infinite patience and care in making sure the orthoses which she prescribed are just right. I cannot describe the benefit I have experienced from wearing the correct support! The quality of Lindsey's work is obviously important to her. If I can leave a podiatry session feeling relaxed ... I can't wait for my first reflexology treatment." (M.L.)

"What a lovely treat I gave myself with my reflexology session!! I believe Lindsey has healing hands as I have felt so much better and seem to have more energy than before so will definitely repeat this treatment! I found our discussion and Lindsey's explanations on reflexology most informative as I like to understand how the process works." (P.D.)

"It is a pleasure to recommend Lindsey's thorough and careful treatment as my feet have benefitted greatly since she commenced working on them." (A.L.)

"I am so pleased that Lindsey was recommended to me. She is very professional and obviously very competent at looking after one's feet, but she is also extremely nice so I always look forward to my appointments." (S.Y.)

"Thankyou Lindsey for your treatment of my involuted nails - to date they haven't given me any further problems! I was most interested in your advice regarding surgery to these nails and appreciate the time you took to explain it all to me. I liked Lindsey's professionalism but most importantly her caring manner and have no doubt I will be in touch again." (P.D.)

"Lindsey provides an excellent service in podiatry and reflexology - very therapeutic and beneficial particularly for those with neurological conditions." (M.G.)

"I have been a client of Lindsey's for a couple of years and always find her very professional and friendly and her standard of treatment is excellent." (D.C.)