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Gift vouchers are also available and are a great way to treat your family and friends. 


The following is a summary of services available:




Chiropody (30 - 40 minutes) - £35

Ingrown, thickened or painful nails treated and all toenails trimmed and filed.   Hard/rough skin, callus and corns taken away and skin buffed smooth. Advice and treatment available for verrucae. Assessment and treatment of diabetic feet provided. Professional advice on all aspects of footcare relevant to you. Treatment completed with a relaxing and reviving foot and ankle massage.


Reflexology (1 hour) - £45

This far-reaching form of foot massage is balancing, stimulating and deeply relaxing, activating the body's healing mechanisms and helping to remove pent-up anxiety. It helps boost the immune system, stimulate circulation, stabilise breathing and induce calm in both mind and body.


Chiropody & half hour Reflexology - £55

Over the years, this has become the most popular treatment at the Edinburgh clinic. Enjoy the many benefits of two complementary and harmonising therapies in one session. Treat your feet and feel relaxed and rejuvenated!


Biomechanical Gait Assessment (1 hour 30 minutes) - £60

Assessment is focused on gait, joint mobility and foot function and is useful in cases of foot and lower limb discomfort, as well as hip, back, shoulder and neck pain. Results of the assessment determine if an orthotic prescription may be beneficial.


 Podiatric Acupuncture (30 minutes) - £30

Can be used to treat a number of disorders which cause lower limb and foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis, hallux limitus, achilles tendonitis, osteo-arthritis, morton's neuroma and shin splints.



 Edinburgh Podiatry & Reflexology

Craiglockhart Leisure Centre, 177 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1BZ 


The Edinburgh clinic runs on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Routine Chiropody home visits are also available in the Crieff and Comrie areas.